Mukulika Dattagupta: I am a  Research Fellow under School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University. My areas of interest are transcription, translation, field work, photography and  academic writing. I am in this project because it will give me a chance not only to learn the technicalities of making a multimedia story, but will also help me know my city better. In my previous two experiences of multimedia storytelling projects in the School, I saw a hidden face of my city. The fields gave me the feeling of standing somewhere outside Kolkata. It gave me a chance to talk and to see such people who are struggling hard with the determination to not give up. These ordinary people with their extra ordinary stories have fascinated me as well as inspired me. And I hope Multimedia Documentation of Daftaripara Project will again lead me to such people and their stories.

AnimeshAnimesh Baidya: I received my M.phil degree in Comparative literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. Right now I am pursuing my Ph.D as a Junior Research Fellow in the School of Women’s Studies, JU.


RanjaRanjamrittika Bhaumik: I am a student of Comparative Literature (undergraduate 3rd year), Jadavpur University. I take active interest in literature, music, cinema and folk culture. I am passionate about photography and observing human life around me. I have participated in two translation workshops organized by my Department. I also took part in ‘Workshop and Masterclass on Photography for Social Impact’ by Dr Shahidul Alam organized by The British Council. I am looking forward to this journey of exploring the by-lanes of various unsung human stories.

Aupala_Ghosh_picAupala Ghosh: Having acquired my bachelor degree in Mass Communication and Videography from St. Xavier’s (Autonomous) College, Kolkata, I am currently pursuing my MA in Film Studies from Jadavpur University. I have been part of documentary and short film projects variously as director, scriptwriter, cinematographer and editor. I have also worked as an intern in feature film productions and a television music channel. I have worked as an actor and assistant director in a youth theatre group. I am interested in music, films, literature, photography and travelling. I have a keen interest in critical theories in the area of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. As a student participant in the Daftaripara project, I have visited the field, transcribed and translated interviews and helped in shooting and editing. The experience has greatly enriched my knowledge of the city of Kolkata. I will attend the Eighth Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change in Austria from 20th July ’14for three weeks. This is part of a collaboration between the School of Media, Communication and Culture at JU (to which the Daftaripara project is affiliated) and the Salzburg Academy. I am sure participation in the academy would help me further serve the objective of the School and our project: Bringing social change through communications, focusing on issues in civic justice and human rights.

10670088_692727274145312_3087066381842692458_nSanu Mandal: I am a post-graduate student of the film studies department of Jadavpur University. I take special interest in videography and editing. 




BiprajitBiprajit Dutta: I am a student of third Year, pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Jadavpur University. I enjoy photography, archiving, interacting with people, writing and acting. My city, with its myriad people and their unfathomably diverse ways of living, life stories and histories, intrigues me. I will really like to know more and more about the place I was born in and where I have spent so many wonderful years of my life.

PurbitaPurbita Chowdhury: Currently I am in my final year of the B.A. English Honors program at Jadavpur University. Outside of academics, I take pleasure in singing and listening to Indian Classical music. On weekends, I enjoy teaching English to some unprivileged children. I was lured into the Daftaripara project by the prospect of doing field research and gaining a new perspective on Kolkata, a city I have only recently learnt to love and appreciate.

SmitaSmita Mustafi: I did my Masters in Film Studies. I take much interest in writing and photography. I have been into fieldwork, thanks to my Film Studies coursework. I find fieldwork much engaging and interesting. Apart from the very basics, I do not have much knowledge in editing. But I am eager to learn.



tridiptaTridipta Mukerjee: I studied B.A in Philosophy and Film Studies (Extra Departmental) from Jadavpur University. I have experience in audio-visual media and translation. I do freelance work in media industry. I am interested in studying and making films.



tanimaTanima Chatterjee: I am pursuing Masters in International Relations from Jadavpur University.  I have a keen interest in making portraits (preferably with Charcoal). I also enjoy listening to music mostly Thumri, Hindi songs, Ghazals, and also Western Psychedelic Trance. Photography has always been my other favourite hobby. I have begun to put my camera (Canon 60D, with 18-55mm lens) into a more skillful use than before. I like travelling, and enjoy having conversations with different people. I  had the opportunity previously to work on the East Kolkata Wetlands project of the School and I have learnt quite a lot about the art of visual story-telling from Prof. Sanjeev Chatterjee of University of Miami who supervised that. I am keenly looking forward to working in the Daftaripara project and learning some more about documentation and back-pack journalism!

SudipSudip Chakraborty: I did my Masters in Film Studies after my graduation in Comparative Literature, JU. I have a keen interest in film making, photography and reading Bengali Literature. I also enjoy creative writing, be it stories, poems or drama. I have been also associated with professional theater actively for 6 years now. I would really like to learn this innovative idea of documentation and the use of the internet in this form.


KamaleshKamalesh Roy: I am studying Chemical Engineering at Jadavpur University. I have been a ‘INSPIRE’ scholar at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Department Of Tech.) I’ve immense interest in poetry writing, human study and film making.



AntoreepAntoreep Sengupta: I completed my schooling from South Point High School, following which I went on to complete my graduation and post-graduation in English from Jadavpur University. I did my second master’s degree in Film Studies, after which I intend to write my thesis on Taiwanese New Cinema, besides working on independent audio-visual projects from time to time. Whenever there is time to spare, I actively pursue bird-watching, photography and traveling zealously.


 tulikaTulika Bhattacharya: I have completed my Masters in both Psychology and Sociology. Currently I am pursuing my research from Jadavpur University and also teaching the undergraduate students in a college. I have been a part of grassroot activism in West Bengal and I played critical role in the capacity building for rural school children and women. My core skills are communication, networking, partnership building and project management. I have been organizing various kinds of events, related to social issues, in different parts of India, since July, 2010. I also make documentaries to raise awareness about issues related to environment/ecology. In 2008 I was selected and funded for ‘Sasakawa Young Leader Fellowship’ program. In 2010, I was selected as ‘International Climate Champion’ of British Council .I have participated and presented papers in various International and National conferences and seminars, in the area of Climate Change, Gender Studies and Youth Development.

KaustabhKaustabh Chakrabarty: I am a research scholar in the department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. I am a self-taught painter.




 DhritiDhritisundar Roy Chowdhury: I am a Ph.D. scholar at the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University. I take special interest in videography and editing.




rakibRakib:  I am pursuing M.Phil in Bangla in Jadavpur University. During my Masters, I have developed interest in audio-visual documentation.Currently I am working with a group of individuals who are primarily interested in documenting the fishermens’ lives and livelihood in the peninsular region of West Bengal.



avijitAvijit Mallick:  I did my M.Phil. in Bengali from Jadavpur University, West Bengal. During my Masters program I have worked on Sundarban’s folk-goddess “Bonobibi” as it is represented in local cultural practices and literature. Since delta regions of West Bengal where the Sundarban is geographically located remain neglected both culturally and economically, the rich tradition of the area is withering away. This convinces me to take forward the research project which I have done in my M.Phil. Programme. Exploring local cultural practices and literature on “Bonobibi” will unveil the various issues of co-existentialism of forager society and nature in this part of peninsular India.

Deeptarko  Deeptarko Chowdhury:  I’m a post-graduate student of the English department of Jadavpur University. Making music, eating, sleeping and procrastinating usually take up most of my time.




AnkitaAnkita Chakrabarti:  I am a postgraduate student of English Literature at Jadavpur University. I spend most of my time reading and am particularly fond of modern and postmodern literature and Japanese literature (in translation). I enjoy writing and like to believe that I can write pictures. I’m usually lost in other worlds, fictitious and fantastical, emerging only when compelled by an obsessive urge to write. At all other times, I am a dedicated and sincere student of literature.